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How to Write Incredibly Shareworthy Content

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Creating shareable content is tough. It needs to be original, and it needs to be well written. It needs to stand out from the entire blur of information written on the topic.


A web page that displays dynamic and pioneering content for its field can offer invaluable knowledge for visitors and will usually be revisited and shared on social media. Then, before you know it, the word has been spread.


The best performing websites are those that were built and written for people in mind. Those who craft a websites and their content to please the search engines tend to lose their human value interaction with readers and alienate them.


Dig a little deeper and find out who your readers are


Know your reader and the types of conversations they are having about a subject: what questions they are asking and what they are searching for. Do your research and provide a well-read explanation of the topic, answer questions that searchers tend to ask and give an enthralling insight of your knowledge to engage readers.


A good title is vital for searchers to click-through to your web page


Your web page is up against a whole load of competing web pages on a search engine’s result list. So your title needs to pack a punch to grab the searcher’s attention. Google’s crawlers will also notice any keywords in titles and consider this when ranking a page – so be tactical when coming up with, and naming, your posts.


Let your content tug on the heartstrings of your audience


An OK web page can turn into a great web page when it triggers an emotion in a reader.


This can be happiness and laughter, or anger or disgust – and a range of emotions in between.


The reason people share content is because it has triggered a positive or negative emotion when reading it. It could be news, reviews, travel blogs or discounted products or services. The thing they all have in common: they all make the readers feel something. 


If you are writing content that doesn’t conjure up even the most basic of feelings – it’s going to have a hard task ahead when trying to rack up social shares.


Be influential in directing discussion and navigating future trends


Prioritise quality over quantity. Don’t spend too much time on those hot keywords and topics that are falling in popularity and focus on those doing well and most importantly – improving.


Brainstorm several unique angles to write content that is original and cutting-edge. Direct the conversation in a forward-thinking way that continues to maintain regular readers and bring in new ones over time. Consistent, quality content will help your website’s longevity.


If you have a post that has performed well, look to improve it even more. Try to develop points even further. Add new information and keep it up to date.


A large portion of blog traffic can actually come from older posts, not newer ones, so revising older content to keep it in tip top shape is a really, really good idea.


Spend time analysing your most successful web pages


Look at your most successful pages and analyse them using Google Search Console. Find out if there are any common traits among them: styles of writing, specific keywords, images or animation.


If you begin to discover a style that has been exceeding expectations, then keep on evolving that model until you are seeing a lot of decent performing inbound traffic on most of the pages you post.


On the other side, look at your lowest performing web pages and see what went wrong. Were there any issues with keyword stuffing, un-emotive or unexciting content? Either way, learn on what you need to improve and what’s just best to avoid.


So all in all, the thing to remember when wanting to create sharable content for your web pages is to write with optimised passion. That’s the way to please the readers and the search engines and run a successful blog with lots of shares, retweets and +1s

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