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April 4, 2016
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7 Resources to Fuel Creative Content Ideas

Creating quality, innovative content that progresses discussion is vital to achieving and maintaining a successful blog. Unimaginative content won’t attract the desired traffic so a little help to fuel creative ideas is sometimes needed.


Discover new blog ideas with Google Trends


Find out what people are interested in and write about it. Google Trends offers hot topics from what is being searched on the engine with helpful graphs to track interest over time.


Targeting topics that searchers are interested in is a reliable way of gaining traffic for web pages. With daily updates on the latest stories, it’s a consistent method of finding stories specific to locations or worldwide.


Google Trends offers information about the top trending topics as well as niche subjects that bloggers want to search for. An assortment of user-friendly graphs helps to inform bloggers how much interest is sparked by their chosen topic and where the interested searchers are located.


Google Trends


StumbleUpon a new trending niche blog topic


StumbleUpon offers a fascinating insight into what niche blog topics are gaining popularity when searching the trending category. The site provides people directly with content, which unless filtered by category, isn’t specifically requested by users – it’s just stumbled upon.  


Browsing the trending category can help bloggers that are starting a fresh site to discover if there’s a demand for a specific niche topic that they’re knowledgeable about. For example, space exploration is a current trend on StumbleUpon.


Finding niche blog topics can be advantageous for gaining organic search traffic, as there’s less competition to gain a top Google ranking, when compared to mainstream subjects.


Search engines only see what people have already decided to query. It’s great for knowing what demand to supply but StumbleUpon provides information about subject matters that some people didn’t even know they wanted until they stumbled onto it.  


The website’s algorithms choses web pages and blog posts to show Stumblers. Because it’s by chance, adding your blog posts to StumbleUpon is a great way of reaching audiences who may never of found the web page in the first place.


Route Perfect SU

Make researching quicker and simpler with Feedly


Research on the competition couldn’t be easier with Feedly since you can search and save some of the most successful blogs on the Internet onto a single reading list. Feedly is a useful resource for finding out what angles of discussion or blog types are making audiences engage with relevant content.


Feedly acts as an olive branch for new information on topics. It’s a big time saver. When a category is chosen, a list of related topics appears for users to click-through to direct their search.


The search results for blogs offer statistics about the site’s readership and the quantity of content produced each week. If some blogs are doing extremely well for readers and some not so much, then take a look and figure out what to do and what not to do.


Feedly allows its users to share found content on social media. Your blog’s social media doesn’t need to be exclusive to your content. Readers of your blog will still appreciate finding other quality sources from you.  




Feedly 2

Podcasts can effortlessly inform and inspire a blogger’s next post


Bloggers can learn a lot from listening to podcasts, with plenty of industry-specific stations and others for tips on improving SEO for blogs. Podcasts offer comprehensive insights into the latest information to listen at your leisure.


Podcasts are great because they can help fuel ideas for creative content whether you are thinking about new topics or not. If podcasts have guests or listener interaction, you will be able to gauge reactions to decide if a topic is worthwhile.


Rainmaker.FM offers a variety of radio episodes that provide comprehensive insights for bloggers, digital marketers and more.




Copyblogger.FM, part of the Rainmaker family is perfect for those new to blogging or professional bloggers wanting new ideas and strategies to improve. Listen live, download as MP3 or subscribe in iTunes or by RSS. 




Strategise content with BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is an incredibly effective tool for fuelling content ideas for blogs. On a simple search of keywords, the results show all the web page titles that match.


Providing a list of the most popular blog posts, the results come complete with social sharing data for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Seeing what the most successful blogs (judged by social sharing) are writing on a field can give you an invaluable insight into what people want to read about and the answers they need. It provides opportunities for bloggers to find gaps in knowledge offered by the web for them to fill.


Applying search filters to see what is the most recent or view a timeline of posts can inform you of the discussion’s direction of progress.


Information is key to success. Choosing to analyse this information could be the difference between bloggers that play catch up and those who lead.



Brainstorming blog ideas with Evernote


A lot of bloggers will experience the frustration of missing out on a creative content idea because they forgot to jot it down. Evernote is an incredible handy, free app that organises your ideas, provides a user-friendly place for notes and helps to plan tasks.


Whether simply using online, or with the free desktop and mobile app, you can write detailed notes with video, audio or document attachments to easily be shared. Schedule your day with to-do lists or organise your documents with Evernote to revolutionise the day-to-day logistics of blogging.




Save articles for later, share with social media or private email by taking a clipping of a web page – the full page, a simplified version or simply bookmark it.


Creating a specialised list of blog topics on Evernote is a seriously clever tactic. If you’ve kept ready-made content plans, brainstorms or notes on how to beat the writer’s block – you may have preserved yourself a catalyst for a chain reaction of content ideas the next time you’re struggling.


Evernote 2

Use Answer the Public to gain organic search traffic


Answer the Public finds what queries people are searching for when related to a keyword entered into the tool. If you’re answering frequently searched questions then you’ll know that there’s interest out there for your post to reach.


When blogging, mass appeal isn’t always the best option as there’s nearly always big competition for achieving a top rank.


Bloggers may find niche keywords that offer blog topics that they never even thought of. Answering niche queries targets specific readers and often with less competition amongst other blogs increasing your chances of gaining organic search traffic


Answer the Public handily quotes the number of questions found on your searched topic and displays them in a diagram. Choose a select few or answer all the questions – it’s up to you as a blogger.


Some blogs find it easier to succeed concentrating on gaining their click-through traffic on targeting niche readers as they find it easier to rank well on search engines.


Aswer the public

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